Bottle shop is open every day 9 to 5pm
13433 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill ON L4E 1A2

Mead is rooted in English and European history and is one of the oldest fermented drinks known. With the elegance of fine wine but the creativity of craft beer it’s in a category all its own. We produce unique flavours by fermenting honey with additional herbs, spices, fruits and maple syrup added to create truly world class meads. Most of our meads are on the dryer side with low sugars and alcohol contents above 13%.

Our commercial honey production business operates under Circling Hawk Farm and supports our meadery with a range of beautiful honeys. Most of our tender fruit ingredients including haskap berry, rhubarb, sea buckthorn, and black currant are also grown directly on the farm.

If you enjoy alcohol you must try our mead!

"Use products grown from nature that are close to home for sustainability - but never too early, nor too late."

Honey & bottle shop hours:every day 9am to at least 5pm.

Address:13433 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 1A2.


We offer live music every Saturday afternoon starting in June. Tables are first come or bring your own lawn chair sit back and enjoy the tunes, country air, and of course the mead! Dogs must be on a leash at all times. No outside coolers. Talented musicians are encouraged to message us below if you'd like to play our venue.

Musical performances on the Meadery stage will start the first Saturday in June.

We host farm weddings and other vents up to 120 people. Make your day memorable with local honey favours, honey wines, all with nature under a tent with nearby orchards, horses and open space.

Farm wedding tent

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Ridge Meadery is at Circling Hawk Farm - 1 km south of Bloomingon Road on Leslie St in Richmond Hill.

FYI! We also host corporate or wedding events, large or small, you will need to rent a tent, tables and chairs from a rental company.

If you are interested in serving our products let us know: